What does disconnect and unplug means in full?

Cyma D.
in my opinion disconnect and unplug means that shut down your cell phone or any device you used to and free yourself for some time from digital world and web surfing.
Jennifer Z.
I think it means to put your phone on your charger and not go on it anymore for the day. Disconnect and unplug from your phone by finding other things to do and relax.
Tomislav Q.
To disconnect and unplug means to put the electronics away and immerse yourself in something that brings you great joy. As in spending time with family, or pets, or doing a craft, reading a book, even cleaning. As you immerse yourself in something like that that brings you joy, you give yourself the option of being able to take a break from social media without feeling as though you are waiting time and feeling as though you need to go back to the electronics. The disconnect helps you to discover yourself and the things that bring you joy.
Sara X.
Unplug means to really take the time to disengage from your divices before going to bed ( for me unplug T.V, cellphone, laptop, radio, computer, tablets and any electronic devices I own or have besides me). I believe is important for ourselves to allow our brain to relax and to calm down before sleeping. So, unplug means to allow ourselves to quiet ours paces to enjoy a better night of rest.
Mike Z.
It means that you take the time to be committed to yourself. You spend a moment without social media or any other source of distractions you can think of. While you are unplugging, you can meditate, do some breathing exercises, write in you journal, talk with your family, pet your cat, etc. as long as you spend that time enjoying the present moment without technology.