How many hours before sleep time do you disconnect?

Heitor Q.
About 2 hrs before I go to sleep I disconnect and put some mellow music on and read a couple pages of a good book…

I hope this helps u in ur journey

Kate U.
I usually disconnect from my phone for about 30 minutes before bedtime but watch tv until it is time to go upstairs to bed. However I travel a lot for my job and when I am in a hotel I don’t turn the tv on at all and spend time before turning the lights off reading a few chapters in a book

Cherelle O.
At this time, I am only disconnecting 30 to 45 minutes before sleeping. I would like to get it more around the 1 hour mark at minimum

Sara Y.
Only about 30 minutes before. I want to get into the habit of disconnecting about an hour before bed. This will allow me time for an evening meditation and reading and to not down anything I need to consider the next day.