I need ideas on how to avoid operating my phone so that I can sleep early. What do I do?

Brian O.
Set up your charger across the room from your bed. That way you will be less tempted to just grab it and scroll out of habit and autopilot. It also helps gettin up in the morning as well because you have to get up and cross the room to shut off the alarm.
Jose Q.
You could turn it off or charge it in a different room to avoid using it. Keeping it away from you can help you sleep early and better because you won't constantly hear your phone going off because of text messages or phone calls.
Jeremiah W.
Replacing the phone by something that keeps your hands busy, even if it's reading a book, could be an option. Avoiding screens in the period before going to sleep will help you wind down and get ready for rest.
Elizabeth Z.
The “Do Not Disturb” function is a great tool to use, as well as the “Bedtime” clock which automatically switches your phone to DND at a certain time. Also, when its time to start getting ready to sleep, putting your phone down and away from your bed really helps curb the temptation.
Marie Therese O.
Turning in digital wellness features on a phone, such as grayscale, can help serve as a reminder. Try to make it a certain time you put your phone away every night. I plug mine in to charge in a room separate from my bedroom. Get an alarm clock so you don't need your phone in your bedroom. Have a screen free thing to do once you put your phone away, such as a routine to do the dishes, get ready for bed, or a book to read or audiobook to listen to.
Jeremy U.
You could put it in another room, or hide it in a drawer, that way you don't see it, I find that if I can see if I'm more likely to use it