What if I use my phone to play nature sounds or white noise before I sleep?

Lasc Via Y.
That's a great idea, but use a timer to stop the white noise automatically because opening your phone again can be very antiproductive to falling asleep, it's better if you set it for long enough to fall asleep and make it stop by itself, so it still plays when you fall asleep and a bit after that
Lynn S.
In this case, set the nature sounds to ppay in the background BEFORE you get into bed. Maybe have a timer on it so it stops playing after about an hour or so
Cat M.
That's fine. If it helps. Maybe set a timer so it goes off automatically so you don't have to look at it and be distracted at night.
Yasu A.
For light sleepers, white noise is sometimes essential to getting a well-rested night's sleep. Without it, every creak, shift, and sneeze will only aid in waking you up. Besides, if someone tells me the sound of nature is bad for my health, my life has no meaning.
Ruby T.
I would just recommend trying to keep the phone as far away from your person as possible. Set a sleep timer on the app you use?
Gregory Y.
I don't see that as an issue at all. It is still a way to unplug since you aren't actively on your phone looking at social media or anything else. If anything it is the opposite since you put it on and let it run
Elisha J.
In my opinion that's totally fine! The two things about phones which can keep you up and make it difficult to sleep is the blue light and all the apps/social media which can distract you from going to bed. Most phones have a "night setting" to turn the screen orange and cut out the blue light, so if you do that and make sure that you're not getting on distracting apps as you're winding down for bed, then it's totally fine to use your phone before bed. Especially for relaxing nature sounds or white noise, which will help you sleep better! 🙂
Helper O.
Even I play music because it helps me sleep better, I usually keep it a little far from my bed and play the music with do not disturb, also turn of the WiFi and Data. If you want you can try that too !!!