How do u stop screen addiction

Melissa J.
Ensure that you are only using screens between certain hours of the day and limiting the amount of devices being used at one time.
Daisy F.
Disable the apps or websites you find you spend a lot of time on. Track the amount of time you spend on screen, this can help you realize how much time you spend. Set an empty jar somewhere you see it often. For every 10 mins you spend on your screen add a marble/bead/rock/… to the jar. Your goal is to have as little as you can in the jar.
Brittany A.
I will lock my phone in a drawer. That works for me temporally. However, one effective way is to truly reflect on the happiness and satisfaction that your serious works bring to you. I feel I am beginning to be addicted to reading papers as I found many interesting points there and enjoyed the great sense of achievement because I have known more about this issue. Good luck!
Hanno U.
It's not the best long term but i use a carrot on a stick. I know im going to bed early and I know I will get out of bed if it means catching up on screen time.
Camilla Z.
By filling your routine with new things, projects or ideas, for example spa routines, houseworks, homeworks, reading sessions and sticking to a daily habits routine
Felicia U.
Instead of looking at a screen I meditate, do yoga, read, play board games with my family, etc. It was hard at first but totally worth it
Yana N.
this isnt something you can find the answer to here. like any addiction, screen addiction needs to be treated seriously with a step by step plan.
isolate what youre addicted to, cut yourself off, and distract yourself with meaningful activities to fill the time. you need to look inward to why you're addicted in the first place. what is missing from your life?