i place my phone on do not disturb so i don’t check my messages and email at night. but what can i do when morning comes and i turn my phone back on (it acts as my alarm) and start using it as soon as i wake up? i fee like i should get a separate alarm clock….

Ma Lyne P.
Use the “bedtime” setting for alarms. This allows you to turn off the alarm without even unlocking your phone! Then it’s like you never even used it even as you turn off your alarm
B Rbara N.
Heyy! I totally related to this but it wasn’t really for me so i knew i had to stop that…I would suggest for you to turn on the night shift and the screen time if you have a nice iPhone! If you don’t or that’s orang work for you try putting your phone on airplane mode de, turning off the WiFi, using devices besides your phone as an alarme and Keeping it away. Also try to keep your phone far from your head and best because when’s you need to get up to turn off your alarm it is way more efficient and it’s also better for you’re health 🙂 hope this helps