How do you manage to put down your phone in the evenings?

Melinda F.
It’s hard at first, the trick is not to punish yourself if you pick your phone up. Just gently remind yourself why you are disconnecting from technology and eventually the habit will stick. just Takes practice and persistence. Be kind to yourself you are trying to re-wire your brain.

Laura G.
My phone doesn’t sleep in my bedroom – I charge it in the living room where I can still hear the alarm in the morning. This way, I have to get up to switch it off, but I also go to bed without distractions from my phone

Severino T.
I think about all the things I’ll miss with my eyes and my mind glued to the phone. I tell myself that life is happening around me and not on my phone.

Doris F.
It’s kinda hard, but I’m trying as hard as it is for me. I used to use my phone before I go to sleep so now I keep my phone on my desk instead of night-shelf.

Mathis A.
I think, I’m the beginning, we’re motivated, but that burns out fairly quickly. What we must work with is discipline, which is doing what’s maybe not so much fun, but more a necessity to reach a goal. Additionally, it’s important to find something that’s fun!

Livio Z.
I try to put it away in a separate room before my evening routine. Sometimes it doesn’t work though as I get caught up on the internet – a bit like today. Good luck. HTH.

Martina E.
I have a book to read by my bed, and I put my phone in my living room for the night. I now use a regular alarm clock instead of using my alarm clock on my phone to wake up in the morning.

Tanya R.
There’s this tool on iPhones where is has a down time. Basically, you can only use your phone during a certain amount of time. So for me I can use it from 7 am to 10 pm. That gives me time to do what I have to do and to take time for myself without any distractions

Louison Q.
It takes really wanting to do it. I meditate and practice mindfulness regularly. When it’s time to put down the phone I let myself become aware of my feelings around my phone. Mindless social media scrolling doesn’t actually feel good when I pay attention to it. The social comparisons are stressful, the exposure to tragic current events makes me feel helpless and defeated. My phone is an outstanding tool, but I try to make myself aware of how the tool can be misused and this motivates me to charge it in a different room and just be in my house. Tidy up, read a book, do my skincare routine, write in a journal. Generally replacing phone time with other activity. Anything on your phone can wait for tomorrow