How do I not think about work all the time?

Barbara E.
When I worked, I always struggled with time for myself. I raised 4 fine men and juggling all my responsibilities wad overwhelming. I wish I had this back then.

P N.
Identify what exactly is trigging you to think about work, are you stressed?, is there someone bothering you?, are you not able to complete your work?. Then try to deal with it. Write your thoughts down, watch or do something you enjoy and you should always speak to someone about how you feel

Sofia N.
I go to school everyday, I do homework 📄 every single day. I also go in guitar 🎸 class, ice skating ⛸ class, dance class and 2 Chinese classes.

Kiara F.
I set time aside to have “me time” for a set period so there’s no guilt about it. I also have to take a step back and realize what’s really important to me about my job – why I am doing what I do, what’s my actual motivation for work. And for me it’s so I can have financial freedom and independence to do what I ultimately want later in life which is time and ability to spend that time with loved ones comfortably .

Laschon R.
I try to be conscious when it's happening and surf through the thoughts, slowly grounding myself back to the present. My own time is mine, it should be filled with other things, not intrusive, unwanted thoughts.

Sofia S.
embrace the things around you. live in the moment. You only get to experience a certain moment, the feeling it gives you, once. I’ve learned the hard way that once you look back, you’ll say: gosh i was so busy thinking about so many other things i forgot to savor the moment. Remind yourself of this each time , live in the present. it will eventually become second nature!

Nikita I.
I actually do think about working a lot, like 60% of the time, but the times I dont think about work are times where im either upset or happy, either way, I'm distracted.

L Rke C.
Nice question!
I will be very precise and clear
Here are some tips for you:
1. Listen to your favourite music
2. Read books
3. Do gardening
4. Try to go out like park, spend time with your friends
5. Go shopping!
6. Do your skincare routine and some body care!
7. Get enough sleep
8. Write your thoughts in a diary
9. Try out new different recipes 😋
10. Last but not least! Say to yourself positive affirmations before going to bed and drink lots of detox drink!

Nadia X.
If the work is about important things, then I work, if it's not necessary, I'm just doing my favorite things and not thinking about work too much, because you got to have some time with yourself.

Folker R.
Just try to do something that will relax you, dont stress out about it, know that everything happens for a reason. Also, try to exercise more because it relaxes you, while exercising you focus to finish your goal, and while doing that theres no time to think about work.

Juan X.
I always think about school, it’s stressful and exhausting. I wish I could think about school less so I can be happy, and not have to worry all of the time.

Veronica N.
If you’re thinking about work all the time it could mean that you’re ignoring other parts of
Your life. Work is important but so is self care, quiet time, family, friends having fun etc

Mads W.
Awareness is the answer to everything …..being aware that it's just a task and nothing is more important than my inner peace…..being aware that it's not work but the fear of failing at work which is haunting you…….you can do a short trick called as "exposure and response prevention"….in this you deliberately do what you are most feared of and then observe silently what follow without reacting to them……you will see all those scary outcomes which you were making up in your mind are just you exaggeration…for example if you are scared of that if I do not work countinuesly I will lose something than for one day you deliberately don't go to work and then observe that it's ok to take a rest sometimes it doesn't change much I can again catchup from tomorrow…..and to strengthen this meditation do help…so practice mindfullness….I hope that helps:)

Loane Y.
I usually just try to relax, do something i love. For example, when im skateboarding, i never think about school or anything else. Im too focused on progresing and practising and, of course, having fun!

Angie P.
Every single day! When you come back to it in the evening, you will feel more relaxed because your space is decluttered and tidy.

Marie P.
Staying busy, if that's either doing sports, hobbies, games, gym or spending time with family. If your constantly worried about work or thinking about it then maybe u need to take a step back to regather your thoughts. You could do this through a vacation break or whatever you do that helps you calm yourself and not worry about work. Another way that could help is focusing on the present. If your constantly focused on the future or something else, your not fully engaged with what you are actively doing. Learning how to focus on what's going on right now will most likely help you not worry about your work. Remember, you can't change the past so stop dwelling on it and don't think about tommorow because you can't predict what happens and can't controll tomorrow but you can focus on the present which can dictate what happens tommorow.

Samyukta C.
Have a refreshment, chill life. It is not all about working, we need a break too. Let it go sometimes, you can't always help it. Life will move on, and you'll have to spend every moment for a reason for they won't come back. Working is good, but overworking? A big no no.

Sophie P.
The first step should be to not base your whole life around work. If a stranger asks you about what your life is about and what your goals in life are and your answers are mainly centered around work, that's a sign that you should change your mentality. To change it, make sure you have enough free time to relax, to engage in your hobbies, and generally just focus on yourself. Realise that life is much more than just work and live in the moment.
If this does not work for you,then the answer is most likely in your actual job. is the job too stressful? How many hours? Is the pay enough for your lifestyle? Depending on your answers, you should try to change what is wrong with your work plan in general so that you have enough freetime and do not always come to home completely tired and empty.

Jordan Y.
Get your work done. When you presented with a task to do, you immediately do it. So that you don't stress with work later. Hope this helps you.

Bhavya N.
Keep yourself busy and have a good work schedule where you finish work at the time of work and later have your own peace of mind

Dashianna O.
Once you leave work disconnect your mind once you leave the door from work drop everything about it and don't think about it until you reach the door to enter again. Journal or mediatate and relax your mind once home and put it on something else like a hobby you have a passion for or chores around the house. Breathing exercises to relax you if your taking a nap.

Maria G.
You gotta give yourself time to rest, in your day try to do a little meditation, clear your mind. Do something you like and do not think in anything else, hope I help you<3

Wade Z.
I would personally disconnect from anything that would remind me of it. Spoil myself a little for a day, like watching a good TV show for an entire day while eating a bunch of junk. A fun little rest reset day so that when the time comes where I need to do work, I'll be much more energised to do so. Having hobbies that are nowhere near what your work is helps wonders too.

Janna Z.
I mostly do my hobbies like drawing, playing an instrument, reading novels, cooking dishes and going on a travel to distract myself in thinking about work

Silke Z.
You basically don't think about work all the time cuz there's alot of other things that you can think about and you can't control your mind.

Sam Z.
Have boundaries. Set Slack to do not disturb after the time you're supposed to clock out. Have a separate space for your work computer from the rest of your home. Give yourself time at the end of the day. Blocking it out to finish any projects you haven't and to set yourself up for success the next day. I try really hard to not talk about work outside of the office and I meet new people. I tried to ask them what their hobbies are instead of what they do. It's really changed my mindset and how I look at my job

Jonas Z.
In order to not think about work all the time, you must learn to overcome the anxiety and stress that comes along with your work. To do so you need to dig down and think about the cause of your stress and anxiety. What propels the negative feelings and why. Once that is over distract yourself with positive habits. Those that will make you feel good about yourself and boost your emotional state In a good direction.

Vanderl Ia A.
Having a work life balance can be a difficult thing to accomplish, but I found it best to work and home separate. If you need to work at home, create an office space separate from your bedroom, so you can focus on work and not life.

Janet Z.
Drastic change does not help. try subtly changing things from work into relaxation things that you can take out of the elements that you appreciate of your work and transfer that into more relaxing, fewer tasks at home

Ivan T.
I think how to not think about work is by getting your mind off it. And finding something else to do and just relax your mind. And stop stressing it out what ever your stressing.

Jamie N.
Set clear boundaries between work space/time and personal space/time
Catch yourself thinking about work, either note it down or say “im going to trust my future self to worry about that”

Irma J.
By recognizing what your work hours are. If anything needs your attention beyond those hours it can wait till the next day. Otherwise overworking or stressing over work can lead to poor mental health

Anamaria Z.
I really cannot think at work all the time, only if I go in a place with no connection for my phone and it has to be more than a week or two, like a rehab.

Sithmi Q.
Finish what is most important to you as soon as possible. Don't think about everything which you've neglected in the past. Use your spare time to do them if essential. Use your time manager skills. That's all.hope it was helpful

Nichole P.
You can focus on things that you enjoy doing, and what interests you. Don't waste your free time worrying about something you do not enjoy.

Lois C.
75% of time i think about my work and exam and what is done ad not other times i think for myself ad going home. But this needs to be changed.

Florence B.
Try to make some plans for keeping a work-life balance because having a hectic schedule means that you don’t have any choice but overthinking about your work most of the time. Moreover, build some exciting hobbies for the fun part of your life. What hobby has always been a dream for you to take up? Playing a musical instrument instrument? getting into a new sport? Well, make your dream come true. In this way, your focus would be decided between your work and a favorite activity of yours. Oh and btw, if you feel anxious and stressed out, and that’s why you think about your work and responsibilities all the time, get a professional help from a psychotherapist, counsellor, or at least a life coach.

Alberto F.
You could start to take 3 minutes per day thinking about yourself.
Keep concentrated on that specific moment, relax your mind and your body. Try to feel the energy and what your body try to tell you. Keep your mind free of thinking for 2/3 minutes.
Than, when you’ll feel ready start to think about you passion, start to think about few thing that could relax yourself and feel you happy! I think that could be a nice start of a new journey!

Phoebe T.
Perhaps by distracting yourself with hobbies and interests. Simple things like planting a flower in your garden, or just going out for a walk. Sometimes by keeping yourself busy with other household tasks, you can distract yourself. Examples include buying groceries and going out, or even cleaning the house. Just be careful not to overdue it! However, finding hobbies that can be fun and productive will make you feel rewarded, distracting yourself from your thoughts of work. Try not to think of work as sometimes you have to do, but instead as something you can do.

Riya I.
just try to be in the moment. when u are really really indulged in work during your work hours.. you wont have to think about it during your leisure time.. its samethe other way round. if u just pay attention and be in the moment and try doing everything with full heart , ur mind wont get diverted . also, you’ll be in control of ur thoughts

Liri Y.
To be honest I have to force myself to think about it. I always postpone everything to the last minute and don't finish tasks(:

El N.
Find other things to focus on: Things that calm you and release your stress.
Always thinking about work is gonna interrupt your quality of work as you're always stressing about it and not focusing on what you can and cannot do peacefully.
Along with this reducing caffein intake also helps as taking huge amount of caffein helps cause stress. And the main thing right now is getting rid of stress.
Lack of sleep due to work also interferes with the human's system of Functioning.
The more you think about work, the more stress you get related to it.
Further, talking to a friend also helps as you feel as if you've lowered some burden which was sticking w you for days.
Overthinking causes anxiety and yeah- it's pretty harmful and shii

Anthony W.
Try to find a hobby 🙂 finding a hobby or doing something which is your stress buster would always help you. Also you should spend some nice time with your family and friends just chilling and having fun, listen to your favourite music and enjoy!

Skye N.
Focus on other things. Things that capture your attention and that you ENJOY. Take time for yourself awake from worm by doing the things you love and being around the people you love.

Fedya A.
Work is pretty stressful but I have life to live and some things that I love to do help me to relax and forget about work tasks and problems. Also pomodoro timer helps with it

Deuvanira F.
Take 5 minutes each day and intentionally think about other areas of your life that matter and commit to working towards them. When you start doing things you love and things that matter, you won't think about work all the time ✨️

Anne Katrin J.
I sit down take a breather, draw or clean or maybe even exercise and remember that there’s more stuff then worrying about just work

Terrance U.
I find hobbies that can help me focus on things I enjoy. As I travel for work this maybe going to the dog park with my dogs, working on my personal art items such as photography, or drawing. As well as listening to music, podcast, or audiobooks when I am in the car or cleaning. I read when it strikes but don't force it. I have a Kindle.