How do you manage or handle the continued connection habits of others in your home when you’re attempting to disconnect? Is it difficult to disconnect if your partner is not interested in also doing so?

Britta R.
I’m starting with just disconnecting from my own phone at midnight instead of setting a hard and fast rule to turn off the tv then also. I have found before that I can’t go to sleep immediately after a show, and I do ask for my husband’s help in not starting new episodes right before I want to sleep, but if we start a movie late it still helps the process to put my phone down at a certain time even if the movie isn’t over. I’m not bothered by his own late phone use.
Laura C.
I tend to disconnect two hours before bed and instead read a book in bed, if he wants technology he has to go downstairs
Aci F.
No because I usually go to the bedroom to disconnect, while he’s still in the living room doing whatever he wants until whenever he wants. We have always had a good system during the evenings.
Roger Z.
Nah, it's your thing. Let it be your thing. If your partner will at least support you in doing your thing, then it's all good. Maybe someday it'll be their thing too. Maybe they need to see you do it for awhile before they want to try it themselves. Maybe it'll never be their thing. That's ok. You're two separate people, you can't expect to need or want the same thing at the same time. Your partner doesn't have to copy you to be supportive. They just need to give you the time and space that you need, to do what you need to do, to be the best version of yourself.
Mari E.
I find it so hard!!! I struggle with my partners “lack of growth” but then I remember, he is his own person as I am mine. Although his actions effect me and mine effect him, we do try and put ourselves first. And with that, if he doesn’t want this step right now, fine. I am committed regardless. I stand my ground. Express my feelings of frustration or sadness. And go on improving myself.