How do you best disconnect and unplug?

Mimosa Z.
If you do something enjoyable before bed, like reading or drawing, you might be more motivated to put the phone down
-Autumn 🙂
Zarmala A.
I give myself a cut-off time and let everyone around me know that at this time, no matter what we’re doing, I’m going to have to stop what I’m going and shut everything down to go upstairs and prepare for bed. It doesn’t matter if there’s just 1 minute of my TV show left, I find that I need to stick to my switch-off time the minute the clock strikes and be really strict about it. Otherwise, that one extra minute can become 30, then 60 and so on, and I find that unless I literally yank out the wires and hit the power button on the dot at my scheduled time, it just doesn’t happen for me. I shut down all electricals except for my phone which I use to listen to my sleep story. To keep temptation at bay, I keep my phone somewhere out of arm’s reach while I listen to the audio.
Gyan O.
There is no single answer. Just go and meditate.

Removing Apps, Putting phone on flight mode etc is just subsides the distraction.

Best is to replace the screen time, staying connected is to replace with an activity such as meditating.

Theresa L.
I unplug with reading. It's harder with a toddler. Another issue I have is just not wanting to do it. I just remind myself that I always feel refresh and ready to do the next task after I give myself a little break and enjoy what I do. Reading does that for me. Find something relaxing and you like to do. Spend 10 minutes everyday in it. Don't use TV or other electronics. It need to be an activity you enjoy as well. Have fun and it's good to do something for yourself! Never doubt that.
Silas W.
Reading. I usually sit down at night with a book in the living room thirty minutes before I have to go to bed. Recently, my girlfriend has started joining me so now I read aloud to her.