I share a room with my mom. The problem is that she snores heavily while sleeping. I can’t fall asleep because of that, even if I manage to do that I wake up several times during the night. That’s why I have to play something on my phone and go to bed with headphones. Eventually I realized that I developed a significant youtube addiction, as I play videos every night. What should I do? I’m so desperate

Julissa N.
I think you should slowly start just using ear plugs…. And you can get some really good ones on Amazon. But I have always used them in detox when my ears are extra sensitive and also with my ex boyfriend's as they also had very very bad snoring at night. I used to use music then like you, realized I developed a habit to that so I slowly integrated to using just ear plugs
Jamie Q.
I had the same addiction. YouTube is great along with all social media. So what I did is I listen to frequency music.

I'm sure your thinking ugh,no one likes classical music!your right. Further more it's not classic it's like techno in a way and there is different frequencies to try like sleeping,concentration,exercises nightmares maybe even a snoring frequency

Ruby P.
Turn off your phone by 12am. If possible, move out of the room or sleep in separate beds. If not, buy some high-quality earplugs and sleep masks and ask your mom to wake you up in the morning.
Zeida F.
I use a meditation type app and some come with soothing visuals that don't require focus. This way you can still drown out noise but not disrupt your sleep pattern
Meagan G.
Check out some of the sleep aids available at Manta Sleep. They have lots of great options like white noise machines, eye masks, and things for snoring. Hope that helps!
Genevieve T.
Try listening to calming music or ambient noise instead! Slowly replace it with the videos so you get accustomed to it! <3
Sarah Q.
Oh boy that is tough. Can you try wearing ear buds and listen to a white noise? Our house we listen to a brown noise on sounds for sleep. It’s a lower pitch than traditional white noise. Even if you played it on your phone but not through headphones. It will help drown out the outside noise and not be a screen distraction.