How do I lover my screen time average? I’m having an average of 9 hours a day and I feel so guilty, please help. :( ~M

Jacqueline N.
I have this problem and i feel as though the best way to get your screen time lower is to find something to fill your time. if you find something to fill your time, you won’t even remember to check your phone. that could be hanging with friends, going to work, reading a book,g out, or even just relaxing. it is great to get off of the phones and separate from that dangerous light so from now on i will notice my screen time and try to limit it as much as possible to try lower my screen time.

Elizabeth S.
I don’t actually see anything wrong with the screen time— it’s the feeling guilty part that would concern me 🙂 Why should you feel guilty about something that you like doing if it’s not hurting anyone?

Thalia Z.
Take a look at how your screentime is broken up—what are the top offenders? If it’s social media apps like most people, add a screentime limit to it and then don’t ignore the limit when it comes up. I put an hour limit on my social media sites. No limit on creativity apps since I do not feel guilty about using those.

Taher T.
Try assigning time blocks and organize them (like screen time at the end of day).
Then start using a timer (I prefer pomodoro) for each time block.

Iole S.
Don't feel guilty about this. It's not your fault. You fell in an addiction circle in which the environment plays a main role. Establish some phone-free zones in your home. Take a book instead near to your bed or… in the bathroom! Take notes, write down your emotions when you are far away to your phone and make a meaningful list of true motivations because you'd better limit your time on the smartphone.

Katarzyna F.
I don't know the answer, but just want to write that you're not alone, cos I same similar situation! I'm addicted to the phone (especially Instagram) so for time to time – when I feel really bad with wasting time on it – I uninstall Instagram. Sometimes I do different trick: I clear the app data (in settings) so then before using the Instagram I need to log in one more time. Typing my e-mail and password every time I start the app is tiresome 😏 so eventually I let go and don't use the app at all.

Howard C.
Well, I think they are a few things you can do to help reduce your screen time. I would start by figuring out where the majority of you time is spent and go from there. Perhaps if social media is your problem taking a month hiatus or setting a time specific to scrolling through your social media. Another thing you can do is try getting a hobby to you occupied, perhaps reading a book or doing something artsy. Getting up and being active can also be a deterrent from looking at your phone. So perhaps going for a walk, or setting up an exercise routine can help. I hope you found any of this information helpful, and good luck!

Noelia T.
Well, I sometimes also have this problem so what I try to do is having a timer for social media: 30 min maximum in each app
Social media it’s one of the reasons why we are hours and hours in our mobiles.
Also you can try new things that have nothing to do with the mobile! Hope this helps you 🙂

Kacey N.
First of all, try not to be too hard on yourself. Recognizing the issue is important! Congrats.
Check your stats to see which apps are stealing the most time from you, and then try to reduce it by setting timers, or only allowing yourself on certain apps during certain times of the day. I only check Facebook between 12-3.
And remember, you’re technically battling an addiction. Your phone is designed to keep you engaged, whether you like it or not.