What time is the best to disconnect before sleep?

Cia G.
I am practicing disconnecting from technology about 1 hour before bed. I check the next day schedule, set the morning alarm, and plug in the phone. I journal my worries, to do list and gratitude. Then I am ready for bed
Noemi N.
The best time to disconnect from electronics is 8 PM. There is enough time to relax by reading a book or listening to calming music.
Kelly O.
9pm would be the best and manageable, because let’s face it, in this pandemic situation, we tend to stay online longer to communicate with friends and family
Lucas X.
So I personally like to go to bed at about 9:30 at ight so I can get enough hours of sleep to wake up early in th e morning.
Ng P.
30 minutes before you actually get into bed. Once you disconnect, focus on other things. After I turn off my wifi and notifications, I do my skincare routine and read book or write in my diary.
Thiago Z.
The best time for me to sleep is at midnight because I get hours of sleep and I like staying up so I want to keep this part at least.