Do you have any tips on how to leave your phone alone?

Kaloyan X.
What I do is putting my alarm on and just before falling asleep I leave my phone at the other end of the room. This is how I don't have it close to me and I won't be tempted to be on it. Another thing is to simply get exhausted during the day physically so you can have a good night's sleep in the evening.
Luke P.
Hide it. Turn off notifications. Use focus apps to mute things. Use wind down controls to remove interesting colours at bedtimes. Lock yourself out of socials after set time limits. Uninstall apps to make it more arduous to log on.
Hansiana C.
Delete all social media apps if not turn off all notifications and if you're addicted to yt try not to comment on everything video just try to occupy yourself so u won't think about your phone
Abigail A.
1. Put your phone on silent. If you cant hear messages coming in, you won't feel the need to check your phone constantly. Every time you check your phone you become more likely to get distracted by other things such as other social media which will send you down the rabbit hole and you could end up spending hours on your phone at a time.
2. Set a screen time limit. Set the limit for however long you think is appropriate for you personally. Whenever you pick up your phone remind yourself that you should only reply to a message or two because you don't want your screen time to run out.
3. Only check your phone after you've completed a task. Write a list of chores/responsibilities for the day. Every time you complete one you can go on your phone for a set amount of time, then you have to put it away. Teach yourself that your phone is something to be used in moderation, as it is so addictive for many people.
4. Distract yourself with hobbies. Personally I like to go walking, do some yoga, read a book or listen to some music. Some other ideas are practising an instrument, cooking or writing; just do something that interests you. I guarantee you will enjoy these things more than being on your phone, as most of the time you are only on your phone because you can't think of anything else to do.
Diana F.
It is actually very difficult but I tell myself that I can do this and that as part of my new year resolutions, I have a lot of responsibilities to attend to and hence, I am able to leave it for a period of time. It's gradual and takes a lot of will and effort but I get there. Thank you for the question.
Ananya F.
Hello I am not the perfect but yet .
You can turn off the notifications
Then you can lock few app which are unproductive
And keep phone away during productive session