By disconnecting it means not touching the telephone at all?!

Atche O.
For me, personally, yes! I am trying to touch my phone only 3-4 times daily, just to answer some messages and emails. In usual, I can say that I am very addicted to my phone. Hence, that is the reason why I accepted this chappenge, hoping to change for better.

Clyde P.
No, disconnecting means (in my mind) , when you tune out everything that is going on around you and breath … concentrating on YOU. Just relax, open yourself to the world of calm peace and contentment.

Selma X.
by disconnecting it does not mean not to touch the telephone at all , it means that we spend some me time or say we spend some time for ourselves
we can spend it by listening songs, reading books, decluttering, making plans, and a lot more.