How do you plan out your night so that when it comes time to disconnect you’re ready to put your phone away and wind down for bed?

Everett J.
I close and put everything down to charge then work my way around my living space finishing items before bed such as eashing dishes, prepping food for the next day, checking the pet's food bowl, etc.

Joshua W.
Put your phone on silent or turn off your phone or your tv or laptop and take out your plug 🔌 for your tv because it works really good 😌

Arthur W.
I started a simple skin care /self care routine. It began only with me washing my face. Then over a few evenings I added in some moisturizer, toner etc. Takes about 5-15 minutes depending on my personal pace and energy level.

Recently I added in some stretches that I normally did only in the AM. Nothing intense with a focus on being on the ground or already in my bed to do them. It was only one move to start and now I’m doing my full routine. > 5 minutes if the sleep waves start lol.

Nancy N.
I plan a peacefull night where i can disconnect from everything and be grateful for the things i had the same day and to set a plan for the next day

Lindamir Q.
I normally have done all my chores and to-do's for the day by 9pm. After that I tend to watch something with my puppy and my partner and then I am ready for bed at 11. Although, if not too tired I will just read after that.