Is it easy or hard for you to disconnect and unplug?

Carm Rio P.
Depends how addicted you are to tv or your phone. It was hard for me at first, but now I unplug by planning for the next day or reading a book.

Chloe C.
It’s not hard for me to unplug as I made the unplug time my time to read. It’s fairly easy to unplug the problem with the technology we have today is that it makes us to accessible to everyone, I do therefore believe we are in a constant state of anxiety waiting on our mobile devices to beep or ring

Gene Z.
It was hard in the beginning as I was addicted to scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed every night before sleep. It had become my habit for as long as I can remember, perhaps few years. With the help of this app, I was reminded to disconnect and unplug every night before sleep so I don't reach my phone just to look at my Facebook newsfeed anymore.

Dennis W.
Difficult at first but as time went on I appreciated my time more so it got easier to unwind without scrolling all night. Hope this helps.