What tips do you have to be away from your phone before bed? I use mine as an alarm and meditation app, so I have my phone near me at night.

Emil C.
I also use my phone as an alarm. Putting it in another room seemed impossible, but I found that I tend to wake up around the right time anyway by setting the intention before bed.
I guess you could try to just put it on the other side of the room as well instead of next to the bed.
Craig Z.
I do the same but things I could try would be to have an alarm clock or set the phone down where I can hear the alarm, but not see or reach the phone. That way I have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm, and the phone is out of sight out of mind before bed.
Leonard T.
Me too, but being away from your phone doesn't always mean to be away from it physically. It just means using it less and for the right purposes. For me that means staying away from the social media before bedtime because they usually make me feel bad and not worthy enough.
Adrian W.
I usually do the same and have my phone in the same room, although i turn on airplane mode do there are no signals coming from the device. In this sense it is now just an alarm. I also place the phone no where near me so when the alarm sounds I have no choice but to get up and switch it off. Also I disconnect from my phone and electronics 1 hour before bed and start my evening routines, I find this helps a lot with having a good nights sleep.