How do you stop looking at your phone when you get a notification? What can you do when your not on your phone ?

Tiffany C.
just swipe the notification and turn it off again, some of notification can be useless. just watching tv,sing, dance,study
Jordan J.
I turn my phone to silent or turn it off completely, then pick up a hobby like making a puzzle, doing crosswords/word searches, coloring, meditation (you can even YouTube guided meditation if you're a beginner). Before I know it, an hour or two has gone by and then I can take my meds, shower, and lay down for the night.
Philip C.
I try to acknowledge that the phone is just a device, a distraction, and that I'm meant to be doing something more productive.
When I'm not using it I can study, have some family time, and even work on my hobbies.