What do you do to stay away from your phones and social media?

Ashley G.
I have to place my phone in a separate room, and make myself pay attention to things around me. My phone is an escape from my depression, a numbing technique if you will. So by putting it in a different room, I sometimes forget about it, or if I notice myself wanting it, I have to make a conscious effort to get up and get it, which helps me remind myself to not to
Eleniko Z.
I think its hanging out with my friends but even if im hanging out with them i still use it but not as often as other times
Lieke I.
I put my phone away on the cupboard as much as possible
Out of sight out of mind kind of thing. In the evening when I go to bed it simply turn off wifi
But i must admit i think i spend too much time on my phone, and I ain't even interested in the things i do on my phone most of the times, like checking IG.
Derek Z.
Remind myself of what I have to get done and get back intouch with the present moment. I affirm that I am in complete control of my actions and physical body and focus, not my phone.
Kim N.
I go and sit outside on my balcony in the sun, to enjoy the views and leave my phone inside on purpose.
Other times I will leave it in my office upstairs and go and play with my son. But every time, I will physically leave it in another room.
Letisha I.
I turn off the sound and notifications. I focus on what I am doing rather than be distracted by the alerts. I take time to view social media and alerts rather than every time I see or hear one.
Brandy X.
I have the habit of scrolling beofre bed and I'm trying to shut off an hour before so I can wind down in a healthier way.
Alea G.
set goals for the day that take away from social media and phones, like going out to my rabbit, taking a walk, doing a workout, perhaps something that can help my mind and body rather than stop it from working how it should.