What does unplug mean for you? What about if you have to work?

Heidi F.
Unplug means to me that you get off electronics and spend time in the REAL world. Like family and friends! If you are at work it is hard to unplug so I would just take a couple of breaks here and there to make sure that I am not overwhelmed!
Tricky G.
It means putting away everything and just be. No phone, no tv, just you and your free mind. It works for me later in the day(at night) after work and before bed. It doesn’t have to be very long, some minutes will do the trick.
Sanne F.
To me unpluging means no TV, or social media. I can put on soms music of play a board game. Just having time with my boyfriend.
If I have to work late I come home at 11 o clock and just have an unplugged moment with myself. Sometimes I just sit and relaxed or read a book before going to bed
Sharon G.
To me, unplugging means getting off Facebook or YouTube or any other social media rabbit hole. This allows me to #1 rest my eyes before I go to bed and #2 get to bed on time. I make it a habit not to work after 6 pm. I turn off my work phone so I'm not tempted to check my emails.