What is your ritual for Disconnecting? After which tasks do you consider this task complete?

Cecilie P.
Once Fabulous notifies me that it's time for my evening ritual I go through it and complete my habits. The last one is to disconnect, so I click complete and put my phone away for the night. Out of sight, out of mind, good night!
Luke P.
To discinnect myself I let the phone down and just meditate or give time for my thoughs. I do this task after all other tasks when I prepare for sleep. I consider this task completed after I have one important idea in my mind about the day that just past or about world and things like that.
L Onie S.
Half an hour before bed, I plug my phone in in the living room and don’t touch it again until the morning. I don’t watch tv or get on the computer after that time either.
Clarissa O.
My first disconnecting ritual is to turn my phone off for the night. By turning the sound is down, make sure alarm is on, turn on airplane mode, and set where you have to get up to turn alarm off. If you have a tablet or a laptop you can shut them down or you can turn them on airplane mode and set them were they aren't tempting you. That is what I consider disconnecting.