I would really love a solid way to minimize social media use in my down time??

Nelson W.
Yes for sure because I think that social media are becoming to most important thing in life and that is not the way it's supposed to work.
In my opinion we are building a big distance between people that we love just because of the phones and things like that
Alison T.
Try to uninstall your apps or put your phone in "do not disturb mode" so you won't receive notifications. You can also try to leave your phone and try to find other activities outside of the house or inside the house.
Hannaoj L.
It would me help me to assess myself…I'm already addicted social media and it does not help me in training and challenging myself whereas when i still don't have a cellphone i can read a book now this become my book….I know that social media can help me in communicating with my friends,family but this became a way where we dont have a nice conversations. I hope i can put down my cellphone for just a day….