What do you find the best activity to do when you are disconnecting from your phone?

Erik E.
I like reading when I'm not with my phone. Currently I'm trying to do journaling but I still prefer reading a lot more than journaling.📚✏
Liana U.
I took out books to read, especially novels. Sometime I write down my day on my notebook or even start writing story. If you are not a fan of doing these things you can go do some of your hobbies or try new things as long as you're not using your phone. ( for me it will be like making hand crafts, cooking, playing ukulele…etc)
Josephine P.
Reading and sleeping I will turn off phone notifocations and put it in a place I cant get it until morning. Also maby playing with a pet or playing a game.
Johanna N.
To journal and to read. I write about my day everyday before I go to bad and after I showered I usually leave my phone in the bathroom.
Daniel B.
I find bullet journaling or reading to be the best activity to do when I'm not on my phone. It gives me the creative outlet I need or allows me to keep my mind and hands occupied when I feel fidgety.