How do you stop reading interesting articles on LinkedIn or online newspapers or blogs?

Mathew E.
With a clear action plan for the day – including your todos and priorities. Only after finishing up your most important ones you allow yourself to read the articles.
Grace X.
Well, you really have to set your mind to it. Read books that you enjoy instead, or something completely different. Just make sure you have the time and you’re feeling up for it.
Kay Q.
The question is really how do you stop doing anything. And before you get there, you have to ask why you want to stop. What is it that is compelling you to believe that it is the right choice? Is it something someone else said? Is it something inside you? Is the answer even actually to stop? Once you get there you have two paths, decide to stop and create an action plan for how your going to treat the impulse, what you’re going to do instead, and create reminders, and instill a sense of patience with yourself, know that you won’t be perfect but it doesn’t have to take you off the rails. If your answer isn’t that you want to stop, rather you just want to do less of it, and maybe less of it at certain times, you create an action plan, allocate specific resources to enforcing your goal, set timers, create restrictions, and place reminders to why you want to move on to the next thing. Make the time you are spending with it satisfying. Deeply focus on just the task at hand. And once again, be patient and understanding of yourself. Do not let mess ups hinder you. Be accountable and honest with yourself. If you forget why you made a change, think back to this question. The question of how you want to spend your time.