I have trouble getting off Netflix and social media for a long time. Any suggestions?

Enzo T.
I hear ya!! I am trying replacing it with another form of entertainment that I feel is more healthy, and doing it gradually
Alma C.
I would suggest finishing your Netflix subscription and, if not deleting, than at least deinstalling all social medias. If you're not seriously addicted to it, however, you could decide for yourself to reinstall some of them occasionally (once a week or so).
Tatiana P.
It’s as simple as finding something else to do that makes you happy. That can be exercise, art, singing, or really anything else. It’s good to get off your phone very hour or so. My favorite thing to do is listen to music and dance around my room. I know, I know…it does require my phone and Spotify to listen to music, but I’m not really on my phone. (If you do this, don’t change the song when one you don’t like as much comes on…just go with the flow)
Owen Z.
I think it's a case of removing ease of access of these things. Maybe try uninstalling any apps that would make it easy to let these things distract you. Also perhaps set designated times where you can use social media or Netflix so you're not completely getting rid of it, which is probably more daunting.
Andreas P.
Remind yourself that you are the captain. You decide what you want to do with your day/evening/time. Netflix and social media doesn’t control you.
Sylwia N.
You need to find something interesting in reality. Try some hobby, where computer or smartphone is not involved. And in time you will find tha
t it's easier, than seems in the beginning.
Elizabeth S.
Try to plan some other activities like reading a book, or excercising at particular times during the day. It’s also good to disconnect and unplug in the evening when we spend most of our time browsing the Internet. Switch all your devices off, and enjoy a nice music or a bath with candles around 🙂
Mario S.
I do too. Usually I'll just do something that's kind of pampering/ self care kind of thing instead. I'll do something that I never feel like I have the time for, like doing my nails or taking a hot bath with a book.
Kenzo G.
Don't try and stop binge watching or being on social media try and interrupt your activity with an alarm for example that makes you go into another room
Gers O Z.
I make it more difficult for myself. I delete the apps from my devices and only use my computer for them. Also I have canceled Netflix or other streaming services before. I then create habits that fill that time or cut back on activities that I did while watching. Like no more wine or beer while. Watch.
Beatriz Q.
I am the same way. I just literally have make myself get off. Give myself a time at night, like mine is 9pm, and disconnect.