Do you disconnected from everything? What if somebody texts you?

Loli N.
This probably isn’t quite perfect but I respond to simple chats with friends I just don’t get on tick tock or watch snap stories or cruise on any other apps. I’m not perfect but this allowed me to take the first step and I’ve been able to follow through. It’s reduced my screen time quite a bit and then in the evenings I just shut off my phone or put it on silent. I don’t often tell people I’m going to bed I just stop responding and people respect that and it take away any awkward oh I’m trying to reduce screen time. Which is fine but for me personally adds an extra stress.

Janusz F.
Yes I disconnect. But when I do that I don't have my phone close to me and I put on do not disturb so I don't get texts or call unless it's urgent.

Edilene Q.
It depends on who texts me,I match energy and if the energy /vibe of that person is something I'm disconnecting from i will respectfully ignore…. I don't like individuals that disturbing my peace,put me on tension thats why I choose to disconnect for a few hours just to be grateful ,meditate and enjoy the feeling of feeling good etc etc

Keiara Q.
I try and disconnect from the world I turn my phone off for just a simple 5-7 mins and focus on breathing and meditating

Destiny T.
Yes, you disconnect from everything, find something productive to do. If someone texts you, text them back at a later time.

Keala G.
Honestly, it’s hard to disconnect I feel like I’m missing something. My man doesn’t call till late at night. We don’t really talk that much in the day. I do want to talk to him.

Russell E.
I like phone calls or videos better. If someone texts me I usually like to keep it brief so it’s easier to understand. I’m not a huge text-er normally unless I have a lot to say…in which case I end up writing a letter. I feel like my points will get lost though or I’m not being very clear.
It requires a lot of concentration for me to put my whole thoughts together in words and I like them to sound good/well-written.

Lilian E.
I would recommend setting your phone to mute, but if you have something important, just allow reminders for that app. Ideally, keep your phone on the other side of the room and just listen to relaxing sounds. I personally love the sound of rain. A scented candle also enhances the experience. Do it once a week at minimum and you'll feel much, much, more relaxed

Julie C.
if somebody texts me and they need help, i will answer them but if they're just bored I'll tell them that I'm going to bed and I cant

Caitlyn O.
i disconnect in a way that i read books for a bit whilst my phone is down and i keep my phone by my side in case anyone really needs me

Sam Riddhi F.
Ya, i disconnected from everything accept that of my work. And if someone texts me i'll surely reply the one. If found it important.

Stormi Y.
I've explained to everyone in my "circle" that I have a cut off time. I let them know that I put my phone on do no disturb. Then I follow through with putting my phone on a scheduled "dnd" mode.

Ma Lyne Q.
Well yes, I close all of my apps and I leave my phone on silent. If anyonr texts me I will answer next morning. I know it can be risky because sometimes people might need something with urgency but sometimes we have to be selfish and when it's time to sleep, it's time to sleep, I have to respect myself and my mind. Maybe if you try it only before you're going to sleep so that you answered whatever was needed beforeir can help tremendously. You don't need to be in touch all the time to be thought of or to feel like a good friend! Good luck

Shamima L.
I will turn on my"Do not disturb mode"
This is an amazing way👏.
But if somebody texts me I will check it on the morning 🌄

Alo S Q.
I turn off my alarms and notification sounds so that I don’t get tempted to check. If it doesn’t exist to me right now, it’s easy to disconnect from it.

Ava U.
it really depends on who the person is and how urgent the message is for me. normally i have do not disturb on so i don’t see text regardless

Alexa P.
I usually only disconnect from social media, but I have times during the day when I disconnect completely. Texts and calls can wait. I feel it is just as important to spend some quiet time by yourself as it is to be connected whit others.

Tatiana V.
Im unpluging from internet so i dont know if someone texts me. Only thing is that im listening to music when my evning habits.

Sara N.
Yes, I do at night. Well, I won't know about the texts if my WiFi is off. That's why the best solution is to turn off the WiFi from your device and put it in another room. You can also turn your phone or device off, because honestly, it will be a burden to turn it on again.

Ortwin Y.
When I disconnect, I just simply put my phone on silent and move it to somewhere else in the house. I also have this app called ‘Flora.’ It’s basically where you set a timer and the longer you are off your phone the more your tree grows, but if you exit the app or like go on your phone the tree dies.

Johan W.
If someone did text me, i wouldn't do anything. But if someone calls me, it means they maybe need something so I would pick up the call

Maxine O.
I try to disconnect from everything in the evenings, but when I’m working in the afternoon sometimes I need to use my phone. When I do have to use it I have to have a lot of self control to not get distracted, but as soon as I’m done using it I put it to the side so I can’t see the screen and I turn the ringer off which is really helpful.

Ga L Y.
I put my phone on silent until the morning. However I sleep better with white noise, a bedtime story or meditation music sometimes I use one of those to play on my phone but the rest goes on DO NOT DISTURB mode. It is a hard habit to break but the key to getting sleep! Hope this helps!

Leta S.
I disconnected from everything. Never mind, I will see It later. That is not the most important thing. If It is really important then they will find onother way to contact me.

Liessa N.
Every evening i put my phone on do not disturb. This is a feature in my phone itself so it also has an emergency feature. Your favourite contacts’ calls will always come through on the first call. And other people’s call will come through the second time they call you. So if its really urgent you can still pick up 🙂

Georgia E.
Sometimes, I’m drawing or dancing, and I hear a notification from my phone. So I distract myself by checking it. If it’s nothing important and I was really enjoying what I was doing, I would just ignore it. But sometimes, it’s a message from my family, and I’m really exited to talk to them, because I don’t do it that often. So I just take a few minutes to say hello to them. Yes, it is distracting, but it is worth it.

Charlie N.
To put it simply, No. obviously if it’s late (around a reasonable time to go to bed) nobody should be texting you and if they are, it’s not that important. You can leave your phone on and nearby but try to just use it less like read a book or something.