If you use your phone as your alarm clock, how do you manage leaving your phone outside the bedroom?

Anne F.
Maybe just leave it as far way from your bed as possible? I just turn mine on airplane mode or do not disturb mode once it hits 10:30

Michaela X.
im also kind of struggling with that though i havo notices that im waking up to check the tym jus before my alarm is supposed to ring. i guesse it has now registerd and im waking myself up now

Jane N.
I have struggled with this conundrum ~ my answer is, I don’t. I still use my phone as my alarm & I do sleep with my phone on my nightstand. However, I do my meditation every evening via an app on my phone as I go to sleep, & I read a lot of positive wellness content via my phone as part of my ‘preparing to sleep’ routine each evening. So, for me, that benefit balances out the negative of actually sleeping with my phone next to me. & my alarm ensures I never over sleep!