Is it ok if I open Fabulous app (to do evening routine ) during the unplug time?

Marissa F.
I typically open it as the last thing before I plug it in for the night and away from me. I like the little fabulous moment and the soothing music, and it’s part of my routine so I know it’s the last time I have my phone in my hands for the night and then it’s time for bed.
Scarlett F.
I don't prefer that .. you can write them on piece of paper and mark down what you done is even more attractive than using phone ..mark missions as completed in phon befor you start so you can sleep peacefully
Jerry F.
I would say no. Many of us are addicted to our phones. It's better not to be tempted to stray with that "one last notification". Turning your phone on airplane mode or DnD should be the last task you check before you unplug.