How do you disconnect without music?

Liva Z.
I love music, the music fills me with energy and happiness, it is beautiful The music I love to dance It did not sing well but I like to have the music in my house on my days off I play music and sing out loud … I do this without it nobody listened to me the same thing I do when I drive; he sang out loud I know nobody listens to me but I feel happy singing (without nobody listening lol) …. in my work days I don't listen to music. when I go to work I hear positive affirmations I try to keep my mind occupied with positive affirmations and Mantras …
Carolyn N.
You can do other relaxing activities e.g. drink warm milk/non-caffienated tea while light reading, switch to dimmer, warmer colour lighting (including handphone) while enjoying some aromatherapy e.g. lavender (I use rose).