I want to start practicing yoga but don’t have access to a class or instructor. Is it safe to do yoga without guidance?

Alicia Y.
Chances are that you might hurt yourself without someone qualified watching and if necessary correcting you. Especially when it comes to yoga, because it involves many potentially (if done wrong) harmful movements and postures. I'd strongly recommend you to get a mirror so as to be able to correct yourself!
Celina X.
Of course it’s safe. As long as you don’t go full in head first at the advanced poses. Start simple and work towards the advanced stuff, just as in life. Baby steps 👍🏻
Graciano E.
I wouldn’t recommend doing yoga without guidance as a beginner, and here’s why:
Form is important. Yoga can have some amazing health benefits, but it’s possible for you to do more harm than good by having incorrect postures as you try to navigate the different shapes of a vinyasa.
Classes can be expensive! Something I’d recommend to help mitigate that dilemma would be to watch videos on YouTube, or even Instagram. There are yogis everywhere who are eager to share their flow with you.
Franz I.
Yes. I would suggest looking for some beginners today on YouTube and watch the video once before you try to follow along.
Jenny S.
There is alot of videos on YouTube. Start there there and go slow. Just don't do anything that feels bad. Yoga should never be painful
Naomi E.
Yes, even though it would be better to have an instructor there you can definitely do yoga by yourself. There are many apps, YouTube videos, etc, that you can use. Some say they like it better without doing a class because they feel a little uncomfortable with others around. But I say it is just about how you feel. Plus there are many different types of yoga so it’s up to you what you decide to do.
Kelly T.
yes of course! you can look on videos or download an app to use. you should definitely start out easier and work your way up!
August P.
I personally would not recommend practicing yoga for the first time with zero guidance. It is not hard to hurt your neck, pull muscles or get the full benefit without instruction. (For example, knowing how to breath in and out of positions.) However, you do not need to pay a ton of money for in person instruction from a studio or yogi. There are many in home guided yoga classes. Some are free on YouTube, I use Beachbody on demand and stream on any device in the comfort of my home. There are many options, apps, are another source.
Maike O.
This is a good question. If you are able to do other exercises and dont have medical conditions it is perfectly safe. Just make yourself an area at home and start with basics to learn the moves and proper techniques.
Mary P.
There are plenty of good instructors on youtube. You might want to start there. I can highly recommend the channel Yoga with Adriene. Not only is there hundreds of free practises, Adriene is a skilled & inviting instructor. It’s like you are doing yoga with your best most encouraging friend. All you need is a mat & enough space. Start with the beginner practises, so you can learn to do the poses correctly & safely.
Then maybe try her 30 day challenge.
My journey started with some lessons at uni (25 years ago) as part of a wellness component of my course, so I knew the basics, then I bought some DVD’s. I had a couple lessons with a local yogi, but she pushed me too hard when I was just beginning to show symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis & I was so discouraged & gave up completely. Once I got my meds sorted & realised I needed to find some regular exercise I could manage I hit up youtube late last year.
I started with Boho Beautiful, but found it too challenging & then searched & found Yoga with Adriene. I have done 220 practises this year, & improved my flexibility, balance, muscle tone & stress levels have lowered significantly.
Just give it a go. And good luck
Barry U.
Probably not. If you try doing an exercise without guidance you could injure yourself and there would be no one to assist you. I like doing yoga using the Wii game because it shows me what to do.
Lylou Q.
Yes it is. Just listen to your body. If something is painful stop. You can find lots of beginner yoga routines and guidance on YouTube and there also tons of apps. I use downdog for instance. You just need to be aware of your limits and that yoga is meant to be your own so you don't feel like you have to do every pose in a routine just do what you can and have fun.
Ma Lie Q.
I use Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube for the basic yoga routines. These are great for starting out as the moves are very simple and she talks you through them. If you want to advance however I really would recommend finding a teacher because correct form is so, so important to prevent injury and further your practice
Sean P.
Yes, it is safe. Never over-stretch or do any poses you aren’t comfortable with. Watch YouTube videos or look up poses online. You can even download apps for free. Don’t push yourself, or you will not gain the good benifits!
M Cio A.
I would recommend watching a youtube yoga instructor that you can do the exercises with so you have guidance
Blogilates is good
Tristan S.
YouTube has great beginners yoga videos to follow.

I also focus on stretching in an authentic way for me. What feel good or tight and just stretch it out.

Soham N.
I started with a beginners dvd. The key is to pay attention to your body. None of the movements should hurt but rather feel like a stretch. Until your balance improves, either modify or use a chair or the wall for standing poses.
Ryan P.
I believe as long as you are in good enough health, yeah. I use down dog. It's so good. $10/month and you can do it anywhere. I've been doing it for a year now and my back has never felt better. I'm really flexible now too.
Klaus C.
Christ, yes stop being a pansy. start with gentle Yin yoga and find YouTube videos . Listen to your body and stop if something hurts . Have some agency!