How do you deal with others being upset that you are not reachable or a “good texter.” I only respond to texts about three times a day and turn my phone off nightly at 7pm. I do not like the fact that I am always reachable.

Luna W.
I completely understand where you’re coming from.
You often feel bad for not being active virtually, and feel bad when comparing yourself to how active others are in reaching out.
To feel like you are there for your friends whilst prioritising your routine and well-being I would firstly let your friends know about this routine so they are aware when is best to contact you.
Then I would suggest to make time to go out on walks with friends (if this is within guidelines for the region you’re staying in) because it gives you the opportunity for fresh air, exercise and more of a genuine connection with your friends than it would be online. They will really appreciate this
Anonymous N.
It’s great that you’re turning off your phone at a certain time! This makes sleep much easier and better. If your friends can’t understand that you do this for your own health, then it’s not your problem. You can be a supportive friend without putting their needs before yours.