Do you turn your phone off completely or just put it away somewhere? And where then?

Wadyla W.
No, I don’t turn my phone off because I am worried that someone will call me and I will not be able to answer. So, I put it away. In the bedside table on my husband’s side of the bed.
Joshua W.
No I don’t do nothing like for because it’s a emergency call or something else is important to others or talking on the phone or FaceTime
Devi E.
Im not turn off my phone, because i need it for alarm in the morning for me to wake up, and I put my phone on my desk so when the alarm on, i have to get up to turn off it,, hehe
Erin F.
I turn it off completely, so I will not be tempted, not even to check what time it is. I just let my body decides when it's time to sleep. And with this method, plus a good old fashion book, it's even earlier than before.