Some apps like this one, journaling or meditation apps are part of my evening ritual. So how do I stop using the phone and unwind without loosing the advantages of those apps?

Francis Y.
I think you should do anything related to using your phone ahead of time and give yourself time to relax from the screens. Other solution might be to just change the habits all together and instead use a notebook to journal and do meditation without guidance.

Josefine C.
how would you guys deal with certain friend who everyone thinks is so amazing and kind but they, in actuality, was really mean to you?

Flavie Z.
Use the sound and voice in the app to listen and when you're about to go to sleep use one click to turn it off and relax/sleep. Or put a timer if that's available.

Kunigunde S.
I also try to use my phone less. For example in the morning I put myself limitations, use phone only for apps that help me start my day (fabulous, music and some meditation stuff). It's all about discipline. Start your morning rituals and put your phone somewhere close, but dont use it for social media or other stuff thay don't matter.

Nelson O.
Go buy a journal you can do notes or write whatever you have on your mind at that moment or do a reflection of the day in

Od Lia P.
First of all why do you want to stop using your phone, it's not something so bad if you don't use it too much, but if you ha e decided it will be better then why not forgetting about those apps and starting a bullet journal in real life or making a task board where you can write your routines. I hope I helped at least a bit😄Good luck, dear!♡

Edwin C.
Yes a big bat habbit is that I can't eàt healthy things … I am so week I wanna healthy life … And secondly I have problem that I speak to loudly that everyone hate … I hope you can help me

T Miris Q.
Silence is a wonderful opportunity to reflect, be mindful and relax. Whether it be a moment in silence in nature, a moment in silence reading, a creative moment doing something meditative like crafting or drawing, or simply enjoying and existing in a moment. You could not do any of these things with a bunch of conversation and commotion. This is well needed after a busy day. If you’re bored, meditate on activities you enjoy. Go for a peaceful walk etc. And you will appreciate the beauty of silence.