How do you keep a balance with using social media without it taking over too much of your time and energy?

Jordan C.
I charge my phone away from where I rest at night. I also turned off many notifications that aren’t important while working hours
Nicklas Z.
Putting a timer on my social media apps helps me, as well as checking your screentime from time to time, to get more aware of how much time to you are spending on social media. Also, deleting the facebook app helped me. & trying to contemplate on the expectations you have towards yourself when it comes to posting, try to lower them. & also change your notificationsettings! Then you become more in control. & maybe try to check it at certain times like three times d ay.
Ida B.
I try to schedule it its own reserved time. That way, rather than an afterthought or a tool for procrastination, I am deliberately giving myself permission to browse my feed for a designated block of time. And when that window is up, I put the social media down. Personally it works best if I give myself a handful of 15 minute blocks throughout my whole day as rewards for completing tasks.
Maurice C.
Take long breaks from using it and remember people only share aspects of their lives they want you to see, there is often much behind the scenes
Emeline S.
Scheduling time for it, dedicating time to plan for social in advance is the best way to set limits around it. Rather tham checking it compulsively you have 1 hour for all your instagram stuff in 1 day! I have noticed that if I check social first thing in the am starts off quite scattered and unfocused. So I schedule social media for later in the day.Also, pick 1 platform to commit to engaging on amd schedule content on all the rest. Don't spend an hour on each social post.
Francisco X.
Stuff social media! Keep devices for keeping contact, but ffs, enjoy the people, sights, sounds, aromas around you 😁😁