How do you keep a routine when you travel in different time zones?

Sarah P.
It’s really hard to follow routines when I’m traveling. There’s so many factors that could affect my routine when I’m not home so I try to tweak my normal routine to set a more realistic expectation. For example, at home, before I go to bed I would take a shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, apply mask, ice treatment, toner, serum, eye cream, and then moisturize. When I’m traveling, there are times when I get back to my hotel or wherever I’m staying, super late so I would keep the evening routine simple. Brush teeth, wash face, and moisturize.
Jay N.
That’s a tough one as I travel a lot like that. I stick at least to the basics that I think are most important. Right nutrition, basic workout, stretching and gratitude/meditation. All other things are optional and I might skip them for the travel day, especially on long haul flights it’s very challenging.
Savy U.
When I’m traveling to a different time zone I immediately set myself on my destination’s time schedule during the trip, so I follow the routine for that time. If I am on a plane for example and it is nighttime where I am going, I will follow my night routine as best I can, set myself up for sleep, maybe take a sleep aid if necessary and try to sleep. I will make sure to set an alarm to wake up at a morning time and go from there. If it is daytime where I’m going I will force myself to stay awake even if I am tired. If you land in the nighttime it can be difficult, but just force yourself back into a schedule as soon as you can by either waking up earlier or going to sleep earlier than your body wants to and force yourself to adjust. It’s worth it to get on schedule and not waste time on your trip/getting back home anyway!
Denise P.
So, this is a terrible Q for me lol. I have only traveled maybe 3 times having a time zone change. BUT an idea 💡 would be to make sure you set reminders for what you want to make sure you get done on Fab. I wouldnt recommend if you're going away that you be super picky with things, dont start new habits…just keep your main routine down. I hope this helps…wish I knew if anyone sees these answers lol. 🙂 take care
Lysa S.
Are usually keep the same routine, and will modify it as I go if need be. Other than that I just have a great time no matter where I’m at!
Marinice F.
I haven't done this as of yet, but I will be shortly, I am planning on cutting it down to the most important ones that I have noticed having a larger effect on my day, so with myself my morning routine is having a huge effect so I am keeping that iron clad and I will play 75% rule for my other routines, aiming to get at least 75% of them completed
Samantha Z.
Typically when I travel it is for vacation so rest and relaxation is the goal. I don't like to have to much of an agenda. I sleep until I'm ready to get up and then start my routines.
Enola Y.
I typically try to stay awake as long as I can and go to sleep at a time that is appropriate to the time zone I’m in. I don’t usually sleep well on the plane but I will try to nap for only an hour or two if I can or I feel it’s necessary
Karl Georg U.
You just keep to the same schedule you usually do at home because then you wont forget or write a to do list or set an alarm for all your things and then name the alarm and then you will remember
Arun I.
Yes of course it is obvious but I try to complete it by rescheduling itself without affecting my health or the benefits of performing ritual may actually affect me so it is also advised to look at the benefits of performing ritual at a particular time or suited time for ritual
Jami Z.
I make the people I will be with aware beforehand. I bring what I need to keep my routine or I determine how I can get those items once I arrive destination.
Silke W.
It's hard to keep my regular routine when I'm in different time zones. Usually because this is a temporary state and I am most likely on holidays or doing something that I must do for a specific time period. There are two things I make a bigger effort in adapting no matter where I am. 1: my skin care routine, even if I have to cut down a few steps, I make sure I wash my face and hydrate my skin when I wake up and before I go to sleep every day. 2: sleep; I always try to ensure 8hrs of sleep every night.
Lina C.
I have a rule wherever I land I change my clock to the local time and continue that day on the local time and al the habits and rituals..
Kk N.
For me sleep is imperative! Everything else constant flow smoothly if I have that so here’s how I adjust:
I try to keep my sleep schedule by adjusting to the amount of days my trip is. If I’m going to stay a short time I would try to get used to sleeping closer to the time I would sleep there before I leave on my trip. Or if I don’t have time to prepare beforehand I will just keep my regular sleep schedule as much as possible.

If I stay a long time I focus more on packing before hand and switch over to a healthy sleep transition once I’m there. I’ve heard it takes as many days as hours difference in time zones. So an example would be if I’m traveling from the West Coast (USA) to the East Coast I would need three days to adjust because it’s a three hour time difference

Antonino N.
Well, I would try to planning the time I should go to sleep and also I will try to follow the same ritual before going to sleep
Nicoline C.
By been consistent. Is doesn’t matter where you are at, still the same goal. Just modify your routine a little bit depending in the time zone you are.
Lauren U.
I start changing my sleep pattern a couple of days before I go and then on the plane I schedule my sleep so that I’m sleeping at the right times.
Susanna Z.
I really struggle with this as I work shifts (wow, I wish jet lag were my issue!) I keep morning and evening routines similar, and get as much sunlight as possible.
Luis O.
I barely keep it up in different time zones, i I didn't get a chance to try but i believw its about getting to bed at the usual time within this time zone
Holly U.
Try your best to adjust to a new bedtime following a routine that helps you relax. Even if you struggle to sleep, getting rest where you can helps
Perry U.
When i travel to different time zones it can really vary. When i travel out of country i will take a break from fabulous because it’s too much to juggle while focusing on everything else. But when i travel out of state i adjust the times to when i would preferably have them. It also helps considerably that they have a watch function, the ability to access it on my watch is the only way i finish my afternoon routine during work.