how can i be less addicted to my phone?

Camilla Q.
I have to try using my phone only for calls and messages because it's important to care of the people around me. So I try to do useful things instead of watching the phone.
S F.
Go back to old times ,make sure that your phone is Not The only Thing e.g if you need to check the time or set an alarm use watch or clock,
Get a calculator, get calendar.even watch netflix or YouTube on tv or laptop. So it will be less likely to do small task and indulge yourself in something else once you lay your hands on phone.
Turn off the notification of social media and do that thing during commute or walk.
Make sure notifications like YouTube you get after 6ish and all the notifications will be in your inbox and instead of watching every vedio you get the notification of,you will chose only those interests you.
Use the smart timer of apps like YouTube they tell you it's bed time or your limit of using app has finished. Make sure you want to use less of your phone and create substitutes for it.keep the blue filter and brightness low or make the size of font small that it will take away the joy
of using endlessly 😁
Cl O Y.
Find something in life that is exciting and gives you purpose and do that instead. It'll be easier to shift when you are really motivated by your thing.
Luke U.
Decide for yourself how you want your phone to serve your needs whether social, intellectual, biological, etc. What ways are you using your phone to benifit you and how is your phone use harming you? If you turn to your phone as a distraction, find ways to become mindful of your habit such as changing the unlock code regularly or changing the lock screen image. If you can find ways to force your mind to be aware of how often and for how long you are using your phone, you can begin to make a consious choice about your phone use. Set a goal to resist unlocking your phone 3 times a day at first and use a habit tracking app to keep count. Reward yourself for reaching your goal. When you feel the urge to use your phone, try doing something else you enjoy instead. You can do this! If you have a day where you don't achieve your goal, thats OK. Try again the next day. Good luck and don't give up.