Do you use your phone as your alarm clock? If so, where do you put your phone in your bedroom so you can truly “unplug”?

Marilise N.
I have bedtime set on my phone, so it is on “do not disturb“ from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. I keep it face down on my nightstand.

Suzanna Y.
I put my cellphone just next to my bed. However, I have a downtime setting at 10PM each day so I can really unplug and disconnect

Erika Z.
I do. I leave it on my bedside table. I don't use it in my room after I start preparing to go to bed, unless I need to set my alarm. After making the rule of not using it in my room, I don't find it difficult to do so.

Maureen O.
I have a lift style bed, so it's elevated. I place my phone on the lower floor and across the room. Sometimes even in my bathroom. When the alarm rings, I get out of bed and turn it off… Simple 😁

Sean W.
No, I do not use my phone. I have an alarm clock on the other side of my room. I normally but my phone under a pillow and keep it off. I would like to be able to make it so I can truly unplug but I'm currently trying to get over my anxiety I have when I don't have my phone.