How can I disconnect from my phone?

La Farah C.
Set an alarm to notify you that it’s time to disconnect, once you have silenced the alarm, choose an activity that doesn’t involve your phone. Some ideas; reading more, working on a puzzle, arts and crafts, yoga or stretching etc. make sure it is something else you also enjoy doing, but don’t get much time to do. It will help distract you from the absence of your phone and help you reconnect with hobbies that have been forgotten and re-spark the joy that they once brought to you.

Ramon O.
It is very hard and I still struggle with it but I set a time when I’m done with all electronics for the night then place my phone in area away from me until morning

Jasmine Z.
Turn it off, put it on do not disturb mode so it doesn’t vibrate and make noise, put it on airplane mode so no messages or notifications come through

Adelaide N.
I deleted my social media apps. It helps me a lot and I generally feel better that I’m not on my phone and doing something else.