How do you limit yourself for using social media?

Olga N.
It is easy for me to not to use social media because I am not addicted to it. I like person to person contact and I know how to entertain myself with out it.
Maxence E.
When im discomnecting fron social media and all devices i give myself 30 mins before and prepare my self to sleep or i read a book
Florent E.
The biggest social media trigger for me are the constant notifications. Once I hear one, I feel a need to check it, even of it's really not important or if I am doing something that is more important – like cooking, spending time with family, working, studying, or even just trying to have some quiet "me-time". Try going into your notification settings and disabling them by app – especially the popular apps like facebook, twitter, youtube, snapchat, tiktok, etc., where the constant feedback is actually assaulting your attention. Turning off the notifications allows you to choose when is the right time to check it instead of the apps telling YOU that you need to check it NOW. It can wait. Also try customizing your Do Not Disturb feature in your settings, setting up timeslots that will automatically turn the feature on and off. But in any case, when you decide to put your phone away for a bit, put it *away* – not close where you can easily grab it out of habit when you're not thinking. Put it in your bedroom, close the door, and keep it far enough away that it's less likely to take up your immediate physical space, which in turn helps to take up less of your mental space.