What do you do just before you got to sleep? Drink tea? Read?

Maddison Z.
Dépends on the day and how I feel. Usually after getting in bed I might play some games on my phone, scroll social media, read, and then put on a sleep story and try to fall asleep
Kristen F.
I listen to this meditative Om chant and try and merge my breathing with the chant. Sometimes I read a book but I have been trying to use just the meditative chant to go to sleep.
Charlie O.
I never really drank tea before bed I just honestly get comfortable and get ready to slumber. I do drink tea in the morning sometimes. I just listen to ASMR or rain sounds.
Andrea S.
I usually read a certain number of chapters from the book I’m currently reading, to avoid reading for too long and forgetting to sleep.
Elias Z.
I write my gratitude list, my next to do plan in the warm light with cosy and fresh clothes on, ruminate about the day and then go to sleep. Sometimes I read and be inspired for the next day and be motivated to work on myself again for another day!
Amaretto N.
The last thing in my evening routine is to write in my journal. It helps me feel confident about my day and clears my mind for the next day.
Athenodora N.
I mostly watch movies. I know it’s not the best habit of mine… it seems like I can sleep well after doing this however.
I used to write into my journal before going to sleep, but now that my days are all the same, there’s not much to write really. Surely, I could self-reflect each day and write it down… since writing is what I do most of my day, I need something passive to do.
Morris F.
I actually don't do this, I check my Instagram, I have a chat with my friend, and then just watch something on YouTube or stuff like that