How do I stop using my phone all the time?

August P.
Think about the purpose for which you use your phone. If it’s Social Jedia, maybe it’s FB you need to cut back. If it’s health oriented apps, maybe your phone serves you as a means. If it’s anything to just stay on your phone, maybe you want to step away from it as it is becoming an addiction for you. I think you have to look first at what your purpose is in using your phone and then determine what you want to accomplish in stepping away from it.
Donald Z.
Give yourself an allotted time frame where you put your phone on silent or do not disturb. Especially around bed time-it is hard to get a good night’s rest if your phone is constantly going off.
Valerie Z.
Do you know screen time adjust that you always have got a time out on a time and select apps that you can always use and which ones you can not use during the screenplay