How do I reduce or give up TV when it is the only way I feel able to relax (coz no-one is asking anything of me when I watch)?

Morris C.
You should try meditation. I know it won't replace tv as a source for entertainment but will become a source of relaxation and peace. People think meditation is crossing your legs, closing your eyes and saying "ooommmm." And while some may do that, it isn't what meditation is about. Something as simple as sitting outside in a chair just thinking about things while looking out at nature may be considered meditation. It gives you something back once you do it. A kind of completeness. Try meditation instead of tv.
Micelle A.
Plan to watch TV shows that you like the most after finish your tasks only. It will make you more productive.

Decrease your watching time little by little. Plan how much time that reasonable to you and make it lesser gradually.

Try new habits you will like that is as easy as watching TV. Maybe drawing, knitting while listening to a podcast.

Shahar M.
I think the way to go is to unplug it and every time you want to watch to replag it, to make activating the TV harder so you won't do it by instinct, also you can walk outside where no one will distribute you or just put headphones, even without hearing anything while doing things and it will make people way less likely to ask you things