How much do you try to really disconnect from your phone? I realized tonight that all my references for an offline hobby are on my phone and wonder if this is common.

Rajaa N.
I'll be honest with you, I still struggling with reducing my screen time, but currently I have an app that block certain apps which I've chosen at focus mood and it sets limited time for each app when focus mood is off, the apps name is Action Dash, it helped me to reduce screen time but I'm still not satisfied by how much I use my phone.
Nevertheless I make sure not to have my phone near me when I meditate, I meditate for approximately 1 hour on daily basis. Meditation is my bubble where I run away from people to have my me time, make yourself a priority, social media and friends can wait 😁🌸
For the to do lists and so on you can use a regular notebook to write your messions and hobbies, I still use the smart phone note but as long as I'm offline I don't really grab the phone so much.
Jennifer T.
I really struggle with this as my whole world seems to revolve around my phone. But I'm taking baby steps to put it down and be in the moment more
Kyle E.
I've also found this a difficult thing to do!! The answer for me was picking up knitting/crochet and having a podcast or audio book in the background – so not looking at a screen but obviously not 110% disconnected. Maybe try writing a diary (you only need paper and a pen) or getting a colouring book and coloured pencils if that's more you. Hope that helps x
Ademar A.
I found that having a nice book , notebook and pen beside me on the bed changes everything and helped me disconnect the phone