How can my partner and I set a phone boundary at nights

Osmar F.
A phone basket. However it's an individual's choice at the end of the day. A willingness & discipline to stick to time schedules for all my tasks, including phone use, has led me to 'create time' for more important task like spending time with my partner at night

Lonnie N.
Set a time where you will both disconnect. Explain the importance of it to them. If they aren't understanding than maybe they aren't ready to make proper positive changes to both of your lives.

Liva W.
you can always set a screen time for you and your partner if you have iphones (that I know of). I use it to manage the time I spend on my screen because I know that sometimes I take too much time on it

Tyler S.
I try to pick a time that works for both of you. Set reminders or shared commitments on your calendar to encourage it. Celebrate little joys by doing things for each other. Charge your phone in a different room from the bedroom.