How can I actually stop being so much connect and start to live in the real world?

Neha I.
For this you will have to recognize your inner wants and needs first. You live in the outside world when you don't want to acknowledge what you want and what makes you happy. It could be different from a lot of people but you need to respect your sources of happiness
Jeannette T.
Set online time limit daily and stick to it.Reward yourself little treats so you will be motivated.If you fail some days extend the disconnect time the next day.its doable.
Rebecca T.
If you can put sown your phone is a big help. I find myself doing too much with the phone. I am going to start reading a book again before bed
Jack P.
Take an internet detox trip. A whole week with no internet. It would be easier to put the phone down once you re-enter society. Take more time to meditate too.