How do I stop my self from watching YouTube or Netflix on my laptop till 1:00 am?

Alyssa E.
with me working and often going out of the house then I will stop watching YouTube or by spending time outside the house even on holidays
Aya X.
Put them very far away and on disturb mode
Disable the apps and lock thenroom on you and read a book
Till you become very sleepy unlock the door and go to bed
August G.
If possible use the bedtime feature so that the screen goes to black and white mode triggering you to know that it's time to disconnect from that device.
Britannia O.
Its simple just keep them away from you because when you are close to them they are like a magnet and you're another magnet so you're gonna get attracted by the magnetic force. Before you go to bed put the devices in another room so you don't get distracted and so you get alot of rest.
Noname A.
For me I am really attracted to the thumbnails and once it gets my interest I have to watch it. We all know where that leads the black hole of watching YouTube videos. What helped me most is unsubscribing and clicking not interested on things that actually interest me. This way YouTube is tricked, and it recommends you stuff that you are not going to watch. The second tip is clicking on the Watch later button on any video that you want to watch, and tell yourself that you are gonna watch it sometimes later. The procrastinator in me will not watch later 😶😶. For Netflix, don't get Netflix first. But if you want to watch it then be over critical of things you watch, this way anything below your threshold of perfection won't keep your interest for long. Moreover, selection fatigue is also a thing, the library of Netflix is so huge that you would want to watch so many things but end up with none. For the not sleeping not time, you need to actually feel tired to go to sleep so exercise or study and cool down 1 hour before sleep.
Take breaks if you enjoy YouTube and Netflix only watch videos during your breaks, this will make you happy too.
If none of it works than get extensions in chrome that lock your websites for a certain time.
Miss N.
Try setting a screen time lock on your phone and laptop! I don’t feel too tempted to go past the allotted time most of the time.
Thomas S.
Whenever I am stuck in such a rut I imagine how cozy, peaceful and safe my bed right now is. This very thinking leads to a warm feeling inside, and time and again makes me turn down. Not always, but often. Wish you the best of luck!
Nathan C.
I think you can add parental controls to your apps so that they switch off after a certain time. Or you could leave your phone on the table which is not directly by your bed.