I’m pressured to do more in the morning now. Should I be trying to reduce screen time or should it only be avoided before bed?

Freddie U.
Yes, you should try to reduce screentime. However you dont have to do it at another persons pace, you should reduce your screentime on your own time and however much reduction feels right for you.
Regina L.
The last weeks I have been trying to apply a 10-10 rule for no social media. This has been helpful not only to don't add any new thoughts to my brain before sleeping but also to use it less during the day in general. Scrolling in the screen can be a time consuming activity if not watch I am keeping my books close to read instead. I feel my eyes less tired in general by giving them a rest of screens. It is hard to reduce them much because of work and studies. But any thing that can be done out helps 🙂