How do You find time to do your routine every night? Sometimes I’m so tired and I just want to go to sleep.

Jennifer C.
I start earlier. 9:30 usually. The whole routine is about 30-45 minutes long so it is something to look forward to that puts a period on my day. I sleep better as a result and I am set up to have less rushed morning. I get up and do it before I have a chance to think about it and once I am up I think about all the ways it benefits better sleep and a better morning.
Nada G.
I have time as I don't have any responsibilities yet😅
I'm a fresh graduate and still searching about job😉
So that, I only have free time. And I think, it's perfect time to improve my habits for the more healthy lifestyle 🌻☕
Paula N.
I have kept my night time routine simple to allow myself to do it even if exhausted. I know once I am in bed I will be reluctant to get up again therefore a lot of it can be done in bed including my skincare as I now keep night cream by my bed so I can apply it after I’m in bed.
Savannah Q.
1. Try to start getting ready for bed earlier so you're not too tired to do your evening routine
2. Remind yourself that this is going to help you become your best self so it's worth doing even though you're tired
Luis G.
To be certain, there are times I just want to go to bed and get much needed sleep and rest as well, but my mind tells me that I better finish my routines for the day since I’ve completed all successfully and don’t want to ruin my streaks of uninterrupted nighttime routines.
Eckart J.
I start before it is my bed time. I have an alarm set to take my evening medicine and vitamins, when that goes off, I do my routine and about 20 minutes later I'm laying in bed ready to wind down for the night and read. So, I set an alarm for about 20 minutes before bed time to make sure I have time and then my body gets used to it. 🤗