How can you remove the barriers from your life that don’t allow you to build better habits? How can you also do concrete things that make building those habits easier?

Artemis C.
Take time to recognise what exactly is preventing you, and considering what you can do to manage it. Change one thing at a time of you can.
To make the changes more concrete I recommend making small changes at first, whether it’s keeping a bottle of water by your bed to have water in the morning. Clearing up a space away from as many distractions as possible to meditate in. Make it easy for you to do these things 💖

Naomi T.
I would limit any distractions and the barriers that you are coming across that stop you from doing things is temporary not everyone gets what they want in life and you just say to yourself, okay better luck next time don't best yourself up about it, and the more your practice the easier easier the barrier becomes